"IQ Solutions provides intelligent and pragmatic solutions meeting the functional and operational needs of our clients"
(Stan Torba, Founder and Managing Partner)

Based in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, IQ Solutions has grown to become the market leader for operational and functional consulting in the fund industry and banking sector.

Born out of a Big4 company in 2002, we have capitalized on our knowledge and experience to offer efficient and valuable services to our clients.

IQ Solutions has been completely independent since 2004 after a managing buy-out. This has allowed us to offer cost effective solutions without any conflicts of interest.

The turnover of the company multiplied each year and the total headcount has more than tripled (more than 215 consultants as of March 2018) since its creation. IQ Solutions has evolved adjusting to the trends of the market and is recognized for the high quality of services it provides.

Our customers are mostly big players in the bank and fund industries. We also work with public or semi-public institutions or smaller companies looking for our expertise.