Our people

Our human capital is our main asset.

Consultants come from all over the world and have deep expertise in their field. We could try to summarize how they feel about working for IQ Solutions, what they appreciate in their day to day activity and why they choose to become consultants, but their words are definitely more appropriate.

Here is what our team have to say about being consultant in IQ Solutions.


“IQ Solutions has a significant portfolio of recognized subject matter experts in the fund administration business. There’s a tremendous amount of different and challenging projects you can participate in or manage on your own by being part of IQ Solutions. I’m delighted to be part of that melting pot which provides professional support and solution services to our clients. Joining IQ Solutions gave me the opportunity not only to connect to outstanding people but also to accomplish rewarding projects for exceptional clients.”

Marc, Senior Manager, employee with IQ Solutions since 2007


“As consultant, each project is a new challenge in a new environment. It gives us the possibility to challenge ourselves and our professional knowledge while extending this knowledge further. It also allows us to bring added-value to a project and provides us the satisfaction of the success of the relevant project.”

Claude, Manager, employee with IQ Solutions since 2013


“IQ Solutions culture reflects the dynamism of its Management and the maturity of the employees, whose committment is impressive! I would describe it as a culture where seniority and involvement create an optimal balance between the professional challenges and a good atmosphere. And regular social events, training sessions, workshops and exchanges actively contribute to a permanent exchange between staff members and a participation in the life of the company.”

Alessandro, Senior, employee with IQ Solutions since 2016


“Since I work for IQ Solutions, I have many more options to develop my professional career. I escaped from the uniform way of working and thinking! The work as consultant allows me to work not only for one client, consultancy opens the doors to different international companies and allows me to work on different projects which are definitely improving my knowledge and exposure to the market.”

Jens, Manager, employee with IQ Solutions since 2012


“I have been working for IQ Solutions for 10 years. During these 10 years, I have had the chance to develop my skills by reaching defined goals and by taking part in different projects within several teams. This experience has enabled me to flourish in my professional and my private life. Working in various services and with different clients enables to benefit from a richer experience and a wider vision. From my point of view, meeting different people and cultures is very enriching. Furthermore, I even had the chance to gain experience abroad, in Belgium and Switzerland.”

Vanessa, Senior, employee with IQ Solutions since 2008